With a 60d, what are the two preferred lenses for wedding photography?

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Re: With a 60d, what are the two preferred lenses for wedding photography?

The 50 F1.4 dropped $110 after I bought it. It's $339 and a better build than the F1.8. It's a great lens IF you have 10 feet or more to back up from subject. In tight areas on a crop sensor, forget it, you'll be taking headshots. But it will be good for closeups of flowers, rings.

Some people mentioned 580exII as a must, and I own one.. but I just bought a Yungnuo 560II. The freaking flash is $69 (vs $500) and is every bit as good and in some ways better than my 580exII. Especially recycle speed. WAY faster refresh than my Canon. Plus has audible ready tone.And the light comes on when you hit any button, rather than having to hit the light button first.

If you need ETTL Yungnuo makes one for Canon $160. But some pros don't use ETTL. Just walk over and turn the flash down just as fast if not faster than fumbling through camera menus.

For radio triggers I just got a set of Cactus V5s. They're supposed to fire the Yungnuo, but mines not working. I'm trying to find out why.

Back to wedding lenses, I'm planning to go Sigma to start. I can get the 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 "wedding combo" for $2000 less than the Canons. Ya Canon is better, but if you're just starting out the Sigmas should give great results. On eBay those Sigmas go for $400ish and $500ish used.

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