Upgrade D7000 to D600 or D800? Which one?

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Re: Upgrade D7000 to D600 or D800? Which one?

btobey wrote:

u007 wrote:

I disagree with Toby. I think you are exactly right about the d800 focus system vs the d600. And in DX mode you still have a 16mp image and 6fps. The d800 focus points cover the entire DX sensor range, side to side.

the D800's focus system is better. but only primarily that it covers a broader area. If you do not anticipate to use the outer points, then the D600 is just fine. A good photographer could shoot either of them and still attain accurate focus quickly.

The D800 does 6fps with the additional MB-D12 grip. Again adding unecessary weight and cost into the equation.

I absolutely agree that a good photographer can use both cameras to great effect. And actually, this guy sounds like he wants a sporty APS-C camera and not full frame at all!

Also what he said about the D800 being "an ISO100 camera" is complete nonsense. There are literally thousands of sample images out there showing that the d800 has AMAZING high iso capabilities. In fact, it's better than the d600. I have a d800 and I'm not scared at all to shoot ISO6400 if I need to.

I own them. I dont need samples to look at. I look at my own. I can assure you that by ISO 12800 the D800 has more color noise, and less dynamic range than the D600. The image quality differene is obvious. what i meant by my "ISO 100" comment is that Nikon tuned the D800 towards ISO 100 to achieve the highest quality of any other camera. Where the D600 covers a slightly broarder scope.

I *just* ordered a D600 so I'll draw my own first hand conclusions. I hope you're right! The d800 is great at ISO100, but I definitely wouldn't say that it was tripod-only or whatever other nonsense gets repeated 100x around here. I'm probably a bit sensitive from hearing all this camera shake, tripod only, ISO100-only rubbish on dpreview. Apologies at my over hostility

The d600 is great value. But the d800 is a superior camera. Why on earth would Nikon sell a better camera for less money? That makes no sense.

If your logic were true, then why is the D4's sensor less superior to the D800 at ISO 100? They all have their own strength and weaknesses. Before you make an assessment, you should treat cost as an independent variable (CAIV).

That's true, and obviously the D4 (and d800 to an extent) has more markup on it to add perceived value. Though obviously each camera has their own selling point

You may be a bit biased in your response due to your purchase of the D800. I find many reasons to pick up my D600 over my D4 and D800E. I get alot of enjoyment out of the D600.

I just ordered a D600 for my g/f, but I'm sure I will be commandeering it and enjoying it too, hehe.

And your travel photography sucks. Joking. Actually its really good. Nice work! BTW: What is your favorite scotch? Off topic, i know, but i saw some good shots you had.

Haha, thanks. Favourite scotch.. probably Dalwhinnie 15yr. Reasonably priced (£30/700ml bottle) and excellent. Sweet, a bit smoky, no trace of harshness or alcohol fumes/burn. I actually got quite "into" scotch after going to Scotland and I own about 8 bottles now (JW Black, JW Green, Talisker 10, Dalwhinnie 15, Laphroaig 10, Cragganmore 10, Jura 10 and Glenmorangie 10) and I also tried a load of other smaller bottles and samples to build up my knowledge. It's a fantastic hobby which helps me sleep at night!

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