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Re: Ink Clogging Concerns?

joachim05 wrote:

John Little wrote:

Is there an issue with the dye-based PixmaPro9000 MII's clogging if they aren't used for a few months/weeks?

I have a 9000II that's 2 years old and it appears that it's going to have to be replaced because of white streaks. I'm not sure that it's a clogging problem but it's a head problem for sure. The longest it ever sat without being used is a week to 2 weeks and when that happened I would usually power-cycle it which causes a cleaning cycle.

Hi John,

Your are sure this is not a paper feed issue? I have a Canon ip6700D (contemporary in age - then top-of-the Canon line A4 printer) - when that shows severe banding, I need to adjust the paper feed. That is done in the manual version of the print-head-adjustment. Automatic doesn't seem to adjust this one on my printer.

Might be long shoot.


No, it's not a paper-feed issue. There is a single very thin white line in the PM and a wider white band in the PC; it's the same every time and every other swatch is perfect.

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