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Re: 5D3 vs 6D... sensor pixel density is by far the easiest to predict IQ (new ones; not older ones)

Great Bustard wrote:

61 AF points vs 11 AF points (aside from that, any difference in AF performance?)

so, if less than 11 AF points (5DMkII), any difference in AF performance...?

22MP vs 20 MP (why the different pixel count since they're likely the same sensor otherwise?)

illogical to assert 'likely same' sensor when they're clearly different sensors (same size, clearly different pixel density (pixel pitch) for a given area.

Am I missing anything important?

it makes sense that a 'current or new tech' [not very old] sensor with a slightly lower pixel density should be better for IQ than one with a higher pixel density.

thus why the 1Dx should be better for IQ with a much lower pixel density than 6D which would be 'slightly' better (given it is newer too) than the 5DMkIII

we all remember when Canon came out with its new low end 350D/450D/etc Rebel, that it pushed sensor tech up for IQ from previous gen dSLRs even though it was a lowly/lowest model, as a stepping stone improvement among many other steps upwards in improvements that followed for 'bigger brother' models. nothing wrong with implementing an improvement, even if marginal, on the lowest model, and not necessarily just for mid to top end models.

thus, for the 6D to be a 'bit' better should be no surprise, there is just additional sensor tech tweaks tried out for the 6D missed out when the slightly 'less new' 5DMkIII design was frozen for mfr.

even the humble PowerShot G1X, jumped in sensor improvement, even though it was a smaller sensor, yet it has, with its lens handicap, IQ to rival (even EXCEED) the 7D/60D/650D/EOS M for IQ.

this means that only the next APS-C family sensor iteration should improve yet a bit more than the lessons learned and applied to the G1X, such that the 7DMkII/70D/700D/750D/EOS-Pro-M should surpass the G1x even more. no need to remind us of the G1X's limitations of it's not so fast smaller apertured tele-zoom lens or slower AF. that G1X is a preview of 'better things' ahead when the 7 series family shows up, each with their own 'reserved exclusive' improvements for each model that follows after the next.

the G1X has nearly the same pixel density as the 60D, but was a 'newer' iteration of it, so it explains why its IQ is so good. meanwhile both 650D/EOS M are slightly below the G1x for IQ when there is plenty of light. the only thing giving 650D/EOS M the edge is not its sensor, but options for faster brighter better sharper lenses.

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