LX3 True 24mm?

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Re: it's a mystery

Luc de Schepper wrote:

Jeffery1987 wrote:

James Pilcher wrote:

My understanding is that it's supposed to provide a 24mm FOV after in-camera distortion correction to a jpeg. When you take the undeveloped raw outside the camera, all bets are off on what you actually get. There is correction information built into the raw file, but it's up to the raw developer to use it properly.

I realize that I've not fully answered your question. Maybe I've helped a little??? (smile)

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

Thanks Jim & James, that confirms my suspicion. This must mean this is a really bad ~22mm lens, and it also explains the poor corner performance. Mmmm I don't like how Panasonic relies on software correction when designing their lenses.

The LX3 has one of the best 24mm (corner) performances of all compact cameras with a lens starting at 24mm.

Some examples, all at 24mm.











Hi Luc de Schepper, thank you for your reply. I should explain that the corner performance is poor at maximum aperture, especially at 16:9 mode. But it is acceptable when stopped down. It is possible that my copy is bad but it doesn't look it. It doesn't have a decentering problem, the four corners are equally poor but the center is nice & sharp.

I often shoot in poor lighting situations, that's why I bought the LX3 in the first place. I realised the poor wide open performance may be the result of a design compromise between performance and camera size. I still don't like the reliance on software correction, it eats up even more resolution. Though I guess I can live these compromises, being a poor student and all.

By the way, your samples are too small to judge the corner perfomance, and it looks like there's alot of sharpening applied. Were these shot in JPEG or RAW?

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