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Re: Just two.

SLOtographer wrote:

Interesting scapes - i like the subject of the first. Water, rocks, and trees are compelling subjects. I'd be interested in seeing more from this area if possible.

I have a similar vista from last year (a week later but still leaves on the trees then!...thanks to hurricane Sandy's pass by this year, all the leaves got knocked off a little earlier than usual in that gorge this year.)  It's posted below.

It's very hard to get a good vista of the falls there due to lots of trees adjacent to the path approaching it and a rather steep drop next to those trees, making it impossible to get down to the bottom of the falls. (They fenced off the only approach this year, too, after someone got injured).  People apparently used to go there and swim at the base of the falls, but they've really got it pretty well cordoned off now, unfortunately.

The second has pleasing colors and light that evoke that time of day. The backrest of the bench might be the only thing one would want different in this frame, since it appears blown out. But it's not clear to me that this is a distraction.

I, too, would have preferred the back of the bench to not be blown out, but it was rather brightly reflecting the sun, and I didn't have the foresight to bracket the shot.  I recovered what I could in PP, but there wasn't much to recover from the brightest area on the left side of the backrest, unfortunately.  Oh well, live and learn.  I think it works ok as it is, but it does bug me also.

Thanks for the comments!


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