How to make something look large

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Re: How to make something look large

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I am sure some know this view. In real life it was just magnificent to look at these rock formations. The picture somehow does not really has that impact. I have a 27" Monitor but still the picture does not come close to what I saw.

Do I need to print it really large, process it differently or did I had to shoot it differently to have this feeling of huge rock formations?

Big print all the way. With pano's everything is so small, the only way to really see it in detail is to print big. I usually print my stitched pano's 40 to 80" long or so. Part of the reason for this is because the short vertical height of a pano doesn't do well for making things feel big. In order to get a descent vertical height, it's gotta be printed long. No amount of post is gonna fix the small vertical height.

The problem you run into is matting and framing, it's uber expensive at these sizes. if you can deal with the resolution loss of a canvas print, a gallery wrap is the least expensive option.


Which material would you suggest? I don't want to use canvas for this since I really like the detail and resolution.

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