In praise of primes - which next?

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Re: In praise of primes - which next?

Confused of Malvern wrote:

In terms only of focal length, which combination is the most versatile - 21/40/70mm or 21/50/70mm?

The strict mathematical answer is 21/40/70 because you can crop a 40mm shot to 50mm but you can't crop a 50mm shot to 40mm.

Like several other replies I'd say that 35mm is more generally useful than either 40 or 50mm; the ideal is probably 31mm but apart from its price the FA31/1.8 is also pretty chunky.

My first prime was the FA50/1.4 which I bought without thing further than "fast fifty".  I very soon realised that on APS-C it's a short tele lens and not what I really wanted.  I was just cursing my choice when the 35/2.8 Limited came out so I bought that and it remains one of my most-used lenses.  Except in a few special cases it's the only lens that is always with me, and often it's the only lens I carry.

In a way, though, it hardly matters what you buy because with primes you soon get used to seeing scenes that fit the FL(s) you have with you.  That philosophy only works if you buy FLs that fit the sort of things you like to shoot, though.

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