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Re: Another picture which has a lot of the mentioned advices included.

Hi Mark,

I love what you did with the picture. I am working now so many hours on this one and thought that I am done with my last changes which I just did. But seeing your version makes me wonder if I will be able to recreate what you did. I am not a PS Pro. Thank you also for explaining what you did. I will try it out and post it.


eagle_I wrote:

voider wrote:

... Any other suggestions for this one?

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To have experience with what I want to blab about I tested my ideas for basic enhancement on your image.

Photoshop's Dodge Tool (set to do highlights) along with a soft feathered edge brush was used with my trackball "mouse" to brighten selected areas of the scene. Brush size started about as big as the size of the distant pinnacle and started on the left foreground following the brighter paths or trails already seen in the pic. Then I put my artistic dabbler hat on and began to use mouse click "dabs" and click and hold streak gestures to selectively brighten areas below the horizon. This is where my artistic "vision" tries to help expand a feeling of depth by highlighting and shading. The nearest monument got more brightening than the mid-range monument which was a noticeable step brighter than the distant one which I only just dabbed slightly. These dodge brush gyrations were done on a duplicate layer above the original so I coould go back and forth to instantly see changes.

Animated Before / After GIF

The biggest change is contrast in the structure (texture) of the monuments. In your original they are dark and drab. In my enhancement they have contrast and glow with color and definition. My brush work was quick and rough and I accidentally dodged clouds off the edge of the closest monument which created a halo effect. Depending on how you decide to look at it it can be either a eye pleasing halo accentuating the monument giving it more separation from the background or it could look unusual, out of place, and ugly. Since I've finished working I'll choose the first option. But, if I did it over again I'd avoid halos by first masking the monuments to separate them from the background so any sloppy brush work along the edges wouldn't change the background. More advanced layer and selective masking techniques can be very useful for fine control in how and where enhancements appear.

Voider - Your three monuments image is GREAT! I really enjoyed spending time with it. Having "blabbed out" the above I wonder now if I was to see your original in large size (poster at least) hanging on a wall with three spotlights aimed at the individual monuments I'd might have a different opinion.


Best viewed full size


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