DPReview: So how are the X10 &/or X-S1 full reviews coming along?

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Re: DPReview: So how are the X10 &/or X-S1 full reviews coming along?

kwa_photo wrote:

Danielepaolo wrote:

kwa_photo wrote:

Serial numbers starting with 23xxxxx are new sensor / lens unit. 2 = 2012, 3 = Q3.

We do not know that for sure.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

That what I was told when I called Fuji USA, that a "safe bet" was a 23. The problem is, I don't know if anyone has seen a 23 in existence yet.

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Dear Ken and any others interested,

I have a serial no 23N----- X-S1 camera.

It does not suffer from lens creep and all test shots I have taken so far have impressed me greatly with no sign of anything untoward (sorry I'm not in a position to post any of these shots at the moment). The colours of the out of camera JPEGs are remarkably accurate and the range of the zoom lens is amazing, liberating even. This could be the first camera I've had in a long time that I won't need to shoot raw files as the JPEGs are so good. Plus I've even shot a 1/4s hand held exposure with no sign of camera or any other kind of shake in the photo. My wife has been so impressed (with mine) she's going to buy one too to replace her DSLR kit. Anyone not believing what this camera can do should check out Roel's blog:



JB in the UK

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