Convince me to buy the X-pro1 !

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Makes no sense at all...unless

The only reason I could think of for dumping the Sony would be if, like me, you find it completely frustrating to use and puzzled by the strange lack of decent Sony lenses.

Sony (and many other) cameras seem to me like they were designed by the marketing department after 100 customer focus groups and built by electronics nerds who had never actually used a camera. Yes, they will almost certainly work for a very wide range of users and will do everything you could possible want them to do even on auto, but whether they will ever become and object of love is more debatable.

The Fuji was designed seemingly by a couple of hopelessly romantic photographic enthusiasts with multiple degrees in engineering who simply wanted to build the camera THEY dreamed of, one which focused on basic controls and optics rather than features, and hoped that there would be enough people on the market who wanted the same thing. This is a very high risk strategy of course, but in a world full of focus group cameras it's also the only way to create something really different and build a solid niche market.

If you are one of those eccentric camera nuts that Fuji had in mind, no other camera on the market will make you as happy, despite all its flaws. In fact the flaws will seem like a rite of passage - a challenge to master, and indeed master them you can with a bit of practice and experience. You stop comparing it to everything else and appreciate what it is.

If you are not, if you are used to consumer goods that just work, the flaws will frustrate you. You may end up complaining on this forum for a few months about how XXXXX (insert camera name here) does YYYYY (insert feature here) so much better and then sell it and buy another piece of consumer electronics which ticks all your feature boxes.

Think about it like buying an Italian sports car. Yes, they look nice but that is not a reason why you should buy one, especially if your normal car is a family sedan made by GM or Toyota with aircon and sat nav and 10 cup holders, and you expect 100% reliability and great mileage.

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