Please advice, is there any close up lens on the list

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Re: None are close-ups but....

Roland111 wrote: .... But what do you think of Raynox DCR-5320?

To my mind this Raynox solution would work but it's heavy and would put a lot of strain on the front of the lens. If the front section of the lens moves due to zoom or AF then there would be quite a lot of extra weight for it to move about. Not so good.

It also adds another bunch of glass and the more glass added (like filters, dioptres etc) then the more chance of flare and image quality loss.

If serious about achieving macro then I reckon the money is best put towards a proper macro lens, the 60mm Olympus probably being the best solution now.

The cheaper solution is to buy a film era macro lens that has an aperture control ring and then buy the appropriate adapter to fit it to M4/3 and then get used to the way macro is normally done with manual focus.

My cheapo Nikon fit Cosina 100/3.5 macro lens works well as long as it is never used at f/3.5, it is mostly used at f/8 to f/22. It normally goes to 1:2 to fit 34mm across the frame or adding the supplied dioptre it goes to 1:1 to get 17mm across the frame and that at a good working distance due to the focal length stays at 100mm due to its simple design (internal focus lenses shorten their focal length as the focus closer and thus lose working distance very quickly towards 1:1). See a review at and the lens is variously sold as Cosina/Soligor/Vivitar/Phoenix/Promaster and other names. It has a cheap feel to it but it works well and is light weight.

One example is the Phoenix MD Minolta mount at B&H for $119.95 but checking eBay and others there will be different brands/mounts available for cheaper price. Then add the appropriate adapter from Rainbow Imaging or Fotodiox and you are set.

Though there definitely would be better results and much more convenience from using a proper Olympus 60mm macro, plus that Oly lens is splash proof so is safer to use in the often wet and wonderful world of getting down and dirty for macro. It's definitely on my to-buy list.

What lens/attachment you need really depends on what sort of macro you need to do. If always chasing ants and little critters then it's quite different to cataloguing flowers and plants.

As mentioned the Oly 12-50mm lens has a preset 43mm focal length macro setting and gets down to something like 1:2 macro which suits most folks as the frame captured gives the same effect as 1:1 on a 35mm film camera.

One macro expert is Danny (nzmacro) and a sample of his efforts are here all done with a tele zoom and add-on dioptre and that really is the cheapest and simplest way to start.

Regards...... Guy

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