The biggest Sony negative: service and support

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Re: Why would you call Sony?

photo chris wrote:

taamberg wrote:

However, for whatever reason, I'm not able to get my Blackmagic HDMI capture device (an Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt peripheral for my Mac) to grab anything other that 1080 59.98i. I've tried all the settings, tried it when making a recording or not, etc. etc.

And why would you call Sony's service "incompetent" because they can't resolve an issue you're having with a third-party device?

First, because if you read my original post you see that there is fundamental lack of knowledge about the A99's publicized features, and outright incorrect knowledge being espoused by Sony Support (wrong phone numbers, claiming the camera isn't supposed to to 24p, etc.)

Second, because one of the camera's publicized and hyped features is how it can work with third party devices exactly like the Blackmagic Intensity box.

Third, because I've tested the Blackmagic Intensity box on other  24p sources, and it works just fine.  I caught a post somewhere that the A99 had to be set in "auto" mode to get it to work with a Atomos Ninja at 24p, so there's a good chance that the A99's firmware code dealing with HDMI output needs to be "firmed up".

Is there a chance the BM box needs help?  Of course.  But a) it's been shown to work on other 24p sources, and b) no matter what, Sony is the one claiming external device support, so the onus is on them to make sure it works with the most popular devices.  (There aren't that many HDMI capture devices out there in the world, and Sony, as a major vendor of serious video cameras should have a compatibility lab set up for testing purposes.)

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