"Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

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Re: "Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

Spillicus wrote:

Sony DSLTs - A37 and A57 - also have the same sensor, but image quality is worse due to the translucent mirror diverting part of light to AF sensors.

Canon Rebels are worse due to their outdated sensors.

The mirror in the A37 and A57 takes about 1/3 eV worth of light. This is on the edge of being perceptible, and not worth worrying about. It's strange to me that people keep tossing this out as a meaningful difference in image quality when in any practical way it's not.

I don;t believe it is true, it is more like 1/3 (or 1/2EV) of all light. Otherwise AF sensors would not have enough light to work reliably, just on 1/3 EV. Anyway, on test shots at high ISOs the difference is clearly visible and on the same order of "worse" as the Canons.

And eV is electron-Volt.

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