"Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

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Re: "Easiest" camera for kids and bokeh?

Spillicus wrote:

CosmoZooo wrote:

I disagree: the entry level DSLRs do not provide the same image quality especially in low light scenarios as the NEX line does. It is easily evident by simple image comparisons right here on dpreview. If you think about it shooting indoors for example should be much better with NEX without having to use flash. Also toddlers are not exactly sports cars the NEX and Olympus, which based on the reviews are very fast in good light are both plenty fast to catch a toddler and more...there are plenty pictures posted to prove it. When you're hauling around as much stuff as you're already a light camera that is easy to drag along is a big plus.

The NEX 5 uses the same 16MP sensor as a Sony A57, Nikon D5100, Pentax K30, and the NEX 7 uses the same 24MP sensor as a Sony A65, Nikon D3200, D5200 etc.

D3200 uses Nikon's own 24 mpix sensor, a little worse then the Sony's.

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