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Re: A few reccomendations (and samples of Tokina 12-24)

RomanJohnston wrote:

I am just about to upgrade to the D800 so my recommendations are based on if I were staying with DX an looking to upgrade my lenses.

A few notes....flare and distortion are part of shooting very wide. Today's modern ultra wide DX lenses handle them very well considering what they have to do. Distortion for landscapes are often not a problem as landscapes tend to hide the issue well and the emotion of the shot often means more than getting technically perfect.

If you have one of the lower featured nikons (IE D5000, D5100, D3xxx...etc) that do not have a drive motor in them, look for lenses with the internal motor. (The non Nikon units have newer versions that often have this)

If I were upgrading my ultra wide options for DX I would strongly consider the following lenses.

1. Nikon 10-24 - spendy, but quality is good

2. Sigma 8-16 - very good reviews, not as expensive and VERY Wide (No filters as the lens pops out past the front)

3. Tokina 11-16 - Very fast, very sharp, small range. Good for night shots and stars...etc.

4. Tokina 12-24 - Nice wide lens, good sharpness, good range, good price.

I can speak first hand about the Tokina 12-24 as this is what I have been shooting with for over the last 8 years. I often print 40" x 60" prints from shots taken with this lens. So the quality is there.


Happy hunting, today's modern ultra-wides for DX are awesome. As long as you get a good copy, there is little to worry about.


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Gorgeous shot Roman, and Ill second the Tokina 12-24 for the D7K.  If you have the money the Nikon 10-24 does give the extra 2mm.

By the way Roman,  give your Tokina a try on the D800 when you get it.  It's  sharp with no vignetting from about 17 on, and if I remember right useful from 12-24 in the 1.2 crop mode.

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