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Re: Let's talk NEFs for a bit...

Old Ed wrote:

Some responses suggest that the M and S downsize modes affect only in-camera JPEGs, and not the NEFs. That would be important to me.

So does anyone know which of these descriptions is correct:

1. NEFs are always FX, the full 37mp, OR

2. Cropped NEFs are always the full resolution within the crop area, but smaller than FX NEFs, OR

3. Description 2 applies, AND M and S downsize modes make the NEFs smaller still.

BTW, have any of you esteemed D800 users seen significant differences in NEFs, based on bit depth? (I think 14b is the biggest, but I didn't look it up just now.) Or are the big NEFs just for obsessive landscapers and pixel peepers?

Thanks again for your experience and expertise,


No. 2 applies

in fx mode, nefs are always 36 MP. There is no medium or small option in raw mode.

In crop mode, all pixels within the cropped area are used. The D800 never bins pixels in raw mode and the only way to get low MP files are either by cropping or by going jpeg.

I haven't made any comparison between 12 and 14 bit mode. In theory the difference could be important when smooth graduations are present in an image - AND you do heavy post processing.

As a side note, I went from D200 to D800 my self and couldn't be happier. The new camera feels so familiar.

Best regards Thomas

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