Why tilting rather than swivelling screens on Oly M 4/3 ?

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Re: Have used both ... Huh?

StevenN wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

In order to extend the screen out on the swivel, it has to stick out to the side, and it puts the image off of the plane of the camera/lens. The tilt screen is both more compact in use, and it keeps the image you're viewing in line with the camera body and lens - just seems more natural to me.

I respectfully say this is nonsense. All you have to do is pull the screen out 90 degrees from the body, flip it over, and push it back against the camera body. It is not sticking "out to the side," and it is indeed "in line with the camera body and lens."

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I tried to add to this post, but apparently my time limit ran out. What I wanted to add was:

On second thought, you must be referring to the tilt function only. I guess it all depends upon what you prefer. I have been able to take some stealthy videos when my camera was on a tripod by folding my GH2's swivel screen out sideways (90 degrees) and monitoring it while not facing the subject. Way more versatile than a tilt screen.

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