Camera recommendation for a new Dad

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Re: Camera recommendation for a new Dad

vtsteevo wrote:

Hey guys, I have a son on the way and want to make sure I can capture the moments from Day 1.

Last year I purchased an S100, thinking I would learn the manual controls. Really I just use the P, AV, and TV modes most of the time.

As well you should

Pocketability was important to me then, but its not as important to me now. I also found myself experimenting with Depth of Field more and more, but really just wasn't able to do anything with the S100 unless I was up close to the subject.

My criteria for a new camera are:

1. Fast lens and average zoom so I don't have to chase my kid and capture the fast motions

Give up on that fantasy, you'll be chasing and spraying and praying and still getting lots of bad shots - in between the good ones.

2. Average DOF/Bokeh ability

Average? I can get great blurry bokee balls at f/8, on average.

3. Good in low light

Better learn proper exposure. And get a flash.

4. Jacket Pocketable

Nothing to say about that.

5. <$600

I looked at the panosonic LX7 and was impressed with their iAuto mode but overall the camera isn't that much different then the S100. I really don't think ill ever get into taking pics at full manual mode, and would rather spend the time learning how to compose the shots and making some minor adjustments.

Great idea.



Sounds like you should be at the store getting the LX7. Good luck!

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