D600 close to D4 at high ISO

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Re: D600 close to D4 at high ISO

btobey wrote:

I believe that is incorrect. Comparing them at their native size (100%) provides an assessment based on each pixel of the sensor. Later in the video I compare them resized. However, anytime you resize, you are altering the results due to the resampling of data. The results then become a judgment based on the resizing and resampling process more than it is an evaluation on the sensor performance. See the entire video, at the end I make this comparison when resizing all the cameras down to 7MP size.

Also remember that Dynamic Range does not improve upon resizing. The D4 achieves the best dynamic range qualities at of all the cameras compared, and thus at higher ISOs, achieves better image performance. This is true regardless of upsampling or downsampling.

It all comes down to the intended use. If you are purchasing a camera to resize its images, then yes, you will gain some signal to noise improvement. But if you intend to use a camera more natively, or crop in, you have to make the assessment based on actual pixel data.


Thanks for your reply Brian.

Fact is most of us buy cameras to resize our images - we resize an image every time we print it. An assessment based on individual pixels is not representative of the results that can be expected in real use.

I would say that most of us would want to see how noisy the results are at a given size and it is therefore more realistic to compare the results at the same size. For example, with the comparison between a D700 image and a D800 image you are reproducing one at a third of the size of the other.

If you were comparing them in print form you would surely use prints of the same size, not have one print three times the size of the other.

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