D600 Oil spots, D800 AF issue, and now this...

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Re: D600 Oil spots, D800 AF issue, and now this...

The photo of the Sony TV by the garbage is similar to mine own.  I had a Sony Profield component TV setup that cost about $3,500 new.  It was a disaster to get fixed.  Even their own independent warranty outfits hated to work on them as Sony would not pay them enough to bother so it had to be taken to Sony service (and it was heavy!).  Then it cost a small fortune to get fixed.  It become like the photo with all of it sitting on the curb awaiting the garbage man to pitch all of it into his truck.

Later I owned one of their X-series $400 MP3 players that was glued together and the battery died.  Cost $280 for a new battery (flat-rate service), which actually was a refrub or wholesale replacement unit (New serial number.).

...so I've had enough of the "$ony $ervice Experience."

Nikon's current service plan in the USA seems to be running the same way Sony did.  People will get dismayed and not recommend the brand to others. Our local camera shop no longer recommends them over Canon due to ridiculous service costs (tantamount to Sony), lack of parts, and spotty service for those higher costs.  I told a university prof to stay with his Canon brand just last week for much of the above reasons.  Nikon could take lessons from Canon service.

Minolta and Pentax had very good service centers in Torrance, CA and Englewood, CO respectively, but corporate decided to downgrade them first to maximize their ROI and the brands soon after dwindled.  One gone.  The other barely holding on.


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