5D3 vs 6D

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Re: Thanks!

I doubt that Canon is stupid enough to 'allow' the 6D to actually outperform

the MKIII, maybe slightly better ISO performance and noise reduction, but

not a so as to step on the MKIII's toes.

You MKIII owners would really get Your shorts in a knot, although

everyone on these forums will then accuse Canon of 'crippling' the 6D.

It's really a no win situation, and hopefully Canon won't bow to the

whinning of a minute percentage of Canon 'unfaithfuls'?

Canon must carry on, with improving designs and being competative price-wise

as well as expanding their market, thus keeping the the likes of Nikon at bay,

though I don't, in terms of real world performance, think that Canon

has any problem doing just that?

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