Nex-7 Rokkor 50mm f1.4

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Re: Nex-7 Rokkor 50mm f1.4

BasiliskPhoto wrote:

tri x wrote:

Wobblier wrote:

The first shot shows some really odd hokey-highlights in the flower. Is that light reflected in waterdrops?

The background looks smooth though.

I was shooting mostly in to the sun, and on the first on I think the lens was wide open giving a very narrow depth of field thus the dew on the nearest spikes out of focus droplets, I think!!

Might be wrong, but check your lens. If it is anything like my Canon FD 50mm f1.4, the aperture blade curvature is designed to give a circle when wide open. The Canon has an 8 blade mechanism that in theory gives octagonal bokeh, but the shape would only be noticeable if the lens was stopped down a bit (f4 or higher). The six blade mechanism you appear to have may give a distinct hexagon shape if stopped down a bit, but should be circular if wide open. This is why expensive lenses have more blades, which give more circular bokeh at all apertures (Zeiss cine primes have 14 blades!)

Depth of field is still very shallow for macro type shots, even if stopped down a bit.

I bow to your superior knowledge.  I have checked the aperture blades and they are all working correctly.  So I must have had it stopped down a bit.  The dew is out of focus on the nearest spikes, perhaps after I ran a high pass filter on a duplicate layer in PS to sharpen it, they have become exaggerated.

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