My G10/G15 photo comparison

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Re: My G10/G15 photo comparison

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

nathondetroit wrote:

At base ISO, there has not been an "enthusiast compact" released with better image quality than the G10. There is plenty of room to argue that the G12/G15 are more practical cameras because of their low-light performance, but the detail, resolution, and colors of the G10 have yet to be matched by any new camera at ISO 100.

Bam, truth bullets.



I agree with you that G10 at ISO80/100 delivers very good amount of details in RAW.

However, do not forget that because of the brighter lens and ISO change in 1/3 light stop increments,

G15 will deliver ISO100 to ISO160 when G10 will be dialing to ISO400.

Very good point. For some photographers, shooting style and personal habits may limit how often ISO 100 is used. Anyone buying this camera should definitely consider that.

If still had my G10(theft), I would probably keep it in supplement to a G12/G15. Much like choosing a film speed for the day, I could pick one depending on the lighting conditions.


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