D3x new: price question (Nikon marketing)

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Re: D3x new: price question (Nikon marketing)

m_appeal wrote:

I'm always curious when people say they are using their camera in pouring rain to shoot landscapes? Why? If it started pouring, I would probably put away the camera... 95 percent of scenarios don't involve shooting in pouring rain I would think?

Or if you have to, use a rain cover... D800 is advertised as having weather sealing, so I would think it means something...

I guess if shooting in pouring rain is your thing, then D3x is the ticket. the build quality advantage over d800 is worth the 4K to very, very few given the many other advantages D800 has... If you have tons of $ though, I guess you wouldn't care.

Putting away the camera is usually not an option. This summer we did a shoot on a ship and there was a lot of spray, the cameras did get wet as did we. If you're on an assignment, you just don't stop shooting unless it's getting really really bad. Cameras do get wet, and I think water protection is the most important part of environmental sealing. Never heard of a problem related to dust.

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