Voigtlander 90/3.5 or Nikkor 85/1.8G?

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Re: Voigtlander 90/3.5 or Nikkor 85/1.8G?

Regarding your "magic lens" question: I'd say neither lens has the magic that things like the Zeiss 100, Voigtlander 125, or Nikon 200 have. Think of the 85/1.8G as a very neutral lens - it really doesn't impart any of it's own character onto the shot. The 85/1.4G is a bit more magical perhaps since it has a bit of romance (if you're willing to accept subjective discussion of lenses). The 1.4G is very "sharp but smooth" - an unforced, relaxed, slightly non-Zeiss type of rendering, that is probably more in line with the Voigt 125, but the 1.8G is more neutral subjectively. I'd almost say the 85/1.8G is a working mans lens - it simply does the job extremely well, at a very reasonable price, and holds up to the higher demands on the D800E, but at the same time, it's not going to be a lens mentioned in the dark corners of pubs late night by photographers as being one of the "magical lenses" of an era.

The Voigtlander 90 isn't anywhere in the same league as the 125 either, just another very good general type of lens hampered by slower aperture and no AF, which really limits it for my purposes at this particular focal length.

Offtopic: I'm really interested in seeing more from the upcoming Zeiss 135 apo-sonnar.


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