5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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Qwntm wrote:

Ironically, I don't see any of this in Art Wolfe's latest photographs.

Obviously this PROVES that Canon gives special cameras to the top professional's using Canon gear, that they don't sell to us, otherwise how could those Pro's make those fantastic photographs with such poor performing gear?


You do understand that these are not photographs but rather a mathematical representation computed from dark frame data and presented to you visually to help you understand the information processing going on at a low level on the read out from these sensors.


And you do realize that from a practical working photographer's photographic art producing perspective they are completely meaningless and useless.

not at all, if you know how to handle the exposure latitude there are large benefits with that we can underexpose to get high light reproduced and then adjust the rest of the picture /motive.

This is a fully exposed comparison and the banding and noise in lower levels  from 1dx and d800= same exposure time F-stop and base iso.

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