Replacing a Nikkor 70-210 F4

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Re: Replacing a Nikkor 70-210 F4

PRW_Photo wrote:

CBR1100XX wrote:

Any reason you're not considering a Nikon 80-200/2.8? Since you seem willing to forgo OS/VC/VR, it seems like a logical choice. Coming from an older zoom like the 70-210/4, you'll feel right at home with an 80-200/2.8.

Paul Wossidlo

With the new OS/VC models coming from Sigma/Tamron the older ones are probably going to have a big drop in price....while Nikkor lenses really don't go down that much.  My hope is to have this lens for awhile and then sell it (hopefully for about the same since it will have already gotten the hit from being a generation back/used) for a VRII when I get a D800.

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