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Re: *ist DL and KAF Mount and lenses

davids8560 wrote:

I won a Pentax DSLR kit on eBay. It includes an *ist DL, an 18-55 lens, and an 80-200 lens. I paid $155 total. Is that a good price? Is my choice of lenses limited In any way? And I notice there are three Pentax KAF mount types. What are the differences? Is there any stabilized lens I could buy for this camera? Thanks!

The ist DL was from the first series of Pentax digital SLR bodies, but still holds up in terms of photo quality.  While you will not likely be printing any posters from the 6 mp output, it is a good compact body (still have mine and I've printed to 12x18").  Assuming the camera and lenses are in good shape, you got a fair deal (KEH has EX body only for $160-175).  All K lenses will fit.  The ist DL came out prior to stabilization.  Pentax has opted for in-body stabilization so has no branded lenses with stabilization.  While there are a few stabilized lenses now available in a K mount from other manufacturers, they are mostly high end offerings costing way more than what you've paid for your kit.  I suggest that you use good classic technique to avoid camera or lens shake (solid body position, tripod for slow shutter speed, shutter speed 1.5 x focal length, etc.).

Enjoy your new kit and post your first keeper . . .

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