Best of the OVF Sony DSLRs?

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Agree: A900/A850

chlamchowder wrote:

I'm really enjoying my A200 again (after a year or more with a NEX5). Nothing against the NEX, it's the OVF on the A200 I really miss, and actually I quite like to shape/size for general shooting.

But...the difference in IQ via. the better sensor on the NEX makes me think that maybe I should get one of the last OVF DSLRs that Sony made, with 16MP or more. I'm far from convinced with the EVFs on the latest A-models or the newer NEX series (though I'd probably get used to them). I'm not really up-to-date on what Sony has done with DSLRs since the A200; thoughts on which might the best of a now obsolete bunch?

For awesome image quality in good light, the a850 and a900 do a very good job. The optical finder on those full frame cameras should be large, bright, and pleasant to look through.

If you want the same sensor as the NEX-5N and NEX-6 in a DSLR package, the a580 will do that. Keep in mind, though, that the a200 finder is actually a bit nicer than the one in the a580. The a580's finder is a bit smaller (because they added a secondary live view sensor), and the buffer space indication is gone.

The A900 and A850 are fullframe so the finders are larger than any APC-S OVF. And the A900 OVF shows 100% of the view while the A850 gives you slightly less at 98%.

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