The biggest Sony negative: service and support

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I agree with this.

I never had to call them for any of my Sony cameras. That's a good thing. BUT, Sony needs a department and one with people that have knowledge in the photography department. I love my Sony cameras, but Sony is all over the place in so many areas that it's pretty bad.

I recall asking one of the workers on the phone at the local Sony stores about the Sony camera. You'd swear that we were speaking two different lingo. The woman kept replying with a totally different topic. I had to slow her roll and get her on the same page.

The website education price. I'm glad that I'd went the Sony local store route for that. Turns out that the education price on the website is wrong too. It was actually cheaper when I was in the store. Surprised me because I was doing the math in advance where I'd used my Sony card and my major credit card to pay for my A99. She told me, "it's actually cheaper than what's on the website."

The other funny part too which I'd briefed on, the purpose of using my major credit card too was to purchase some gift cards to pay the difference that (Sony told me to do this.) my Sony card couldn't cover. I was told more than once, both online and phone that I can't use more than one credit credit card directly to purchase my camera. When I attempted to do what was suggested to me, the lady in the store looked and was confused. After I'd explained what was told to me, she said that I CAN use both cards to pay for the camera. Long story short, she said, "The Sony website and chat is not consistent."

Sony? Please get your employees and department on the same page. You're a big company with different departments. Canon has different departments for their different specialties too. BUT, they, like Nikon, has a department that's properly trained for their camera department.

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