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It looks fine to me and it prints perfectly. Apparently you and David Millier see aliasing everywhere you look and that bothers you. When I look at enlargements of my CFA captures I see the smear effects of the blur filter and that bothers me. If you don't like the looks of the Foveon captures, then don't use a Sigma for your photography. If you enlarge any digital photo enough you will see pixels. The real world isn't made up of tiny squares or rectangles, nor is it made of various sized "dots" or grains as we see in photos. Until some "perfect" technology comes along we work with the tools which we have and we choose the ones which produce results which we like.

Continuing to harp about this or that technology is not going to change anyone's mind about one technology or the other. I don't spend time on CFA camera forums harping about the smear of the AA filter. The technology is what it is - take it or leave it but please stop the constant and irritating practice of repeating yourself. It's quite easy to predict what you will have to say in each post just as it is what David Millier is going to say - it's like a broken record. You see purple and/or green blotching and alliasing - nearly every post you make is a comment on this. I get it, you have made yourself perfect clear over and again and again already!

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