Upgrade from LX3 to LX7, or something else?

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Re: Upgrade from LX3 to LX7, or something else?

I'd also like an LX7 for its faster lens, EVF, timelapse function, and other conveniences. But so far as I can see, although the lens itself has a bayonet fitting bezel that apparently takes a thin adaptor with screw thread for filters, there seems to be no accessory that fits onto the lens base that is fixed to the body of the camera - in the same way that the LX3 and LX5 does - to take the extra weight of what is probably likely to be quite a massive accessory lens. As the LX7 has an aperture ring around the lens base, it may be unable to provide the necessary attachment that the LX3 and LX5 have.

Raynox and Tokina, that make wide angle accessory lenses for many camera models do not  appear to have accessory lenses or fitments for the LX7.

The Samsung EX2F manual implies that Samsung has allowed for a conversion lens to be added to the EX2F - and for the flash shoe to accept an optional optical viewfinder or an optional microphone. However, Samsung does not appear to offer an appropriate lens for the EX2F, but the owner of the previous EX1 model says that the LWCEX01 lens for the EX1 also works on the EX2F. Camera Action in Melbourne is advertising the LWCEX01 for AUD 235.00. Although a dozen or more online vendors claim to have EX2Fs for sale (at AUD 360 to 476 + shipping), there are no models in any of my local shops in Newcastle, nor on the websites of any of the major chains -Teds, Harvey Norman, Camera House, The Good Guys, Bing Lee etc. But B&H in New York is offering it at USD 499 (plus presumably about $35 p&p to Australia).

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