Why tilting rather than swivelling screens on Oly M 4/3 ?

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Re: Why tilting rather than swivelling screens on Oly M 4/3 ?

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

... likewise my GH1 screen has started being buggy the last few days however my L10 screens which by far get the most use and are older are fine :-]

No design (of anything) exists that works perfectly every time and for ever.

Over the past decade I've owned:

Canon G3 (excellent for its time)
Sony R1 (Sony's usual curate's egg, but I'm still using it at work many years on)
Oly E3 (heavily used for a couple of years)
Panasonic GH1 (not long with me but still in regular use)
Nikon D5100 (excellent but too big for any pocket)

My wife has owned a Canon G3 and Pany G1, which have both been regularly used in long photgraphic sessions for her work.

All these seven cameras have swivel screens and none has given problems of any kind.

I think if yours is being buggy (whatever you mean by this), then you're unlucky.

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