Wake up, Canon

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Re: Wake up, Canon

I dunno about that but!

Canon is far behind with DSLR revolution. Nikon, Sony and Pentax are far ahead of Canon as it has been for a long time. Some of their camera has better pixel quality, better dynamic range and more colours per bit. Canon is STILL lagging behind. Check out the dxomark website. That will tell you why. Im still waiting for Canon to do some room for improvement in dynamic range and colours per bit. Canon is still doing well with ISO noise though. Pentax K5 has been ahead of Canon 7D in particular dynamic range and colours per bit to compare. Come on Canon wake up! I don't care about megapixel though to be honest. If you want higher megapixel use a bigger sensor the better quality you get. Higher the megapixel in APS-C sensor is totally useless as it add more noise to it. Compare Sony A57 to A77 for example, it clearly shows that A77 has much more noise than A57. They both at same sensor size of APS-C, but higher MP number the micron pixel per inch I think is that right or micron per inch? is getting smaller and quality gets deteriorated.

Anyway enough of that BS above I say in rant. I still own 7D and is pretty good camera apart from high iso noise is a real put down for me with banding problem and low iso noise is also putting me down especially in shadow but liked it when it has weather resistant NOT that pure all weather sealed like Pentax though. It takes nice sharp image too. Again, it is and it will never be perfect anyway I think. Technology will slowly get better each time though. Just enjoy taking picture from the camera you already have with good lens. Don't give up. Don't just chase around for better one if you can't afford to as it is not worth it. If you want good photos get a good quality glass lens and have a good learning curve how to take picture with manual shutter speed, aperture and manual selection of focus point even one or more. As a result you get great photos result.

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