SIGN PETITION Nikon d600 dust on sensor

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Re: Learn to clean the sensor rather than wasting time on petitions

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Leo360 wrote:

FYI, Nikon has not yet acknowledged D800 left AF problem.

This is another topic but for what it is worth links to images at dpreview claiminga D800 problem seem to be 90 who did not test with a sensible target compared to none who did

Maybe there is no general D800 problem for Nikon to acknowledge as no dpreview poster seems to have posted an image showing with sensible testing it exists 9 months after launch.

Maybe it is similarly true more posting on this thread should appreciate dust shows bigger viewed at 100% from 24 MP compared to 12 MP and could "Learn to clean the sensor rather than wasting time on petitions".

Leonard, regarding the D800 left-AF problem. Could you, please, point out to a target and a measurement methodology which would satisfy your requirements!

Regarding D600: some people report no dist nor oil at all while quite a few users notice new oil or dust spots appearing every 100 shutter actuations (with no lens changing) and they come back quickly after dry/wet cleaning. Also there are reports (with pictures) of paint coming off the plate underneath the mirror. Quite possibly manufacturing or material defect.


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