Panasonic FZ30 replacement.

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Re: Panasonic FZ30 replacement.

John Miles wrote:

A good account Marcel. For many the larger sensor camera provides the answers image quality wise. I think for anyone looking to change camera it is worth hearing what you have to say. My daughter has moved from an FZ50 to a Canon 60D with the 18-200 mm (29-320 equiv.).

The cameras suit different photography. If anyone with an FZ30 or 50 is not getting what they want, it's no better for them than forcing me to use a DSLR.

Rosie's 60D is a very good camera indeed, but for me I immediately notice the extra bulk and the limited depth of field.

Hi John,

I'm not quite sure what you mean saying " If anyone with an FZ30 or 50 is not getting what they want, it's no better for them than forcing me to use a DSLR." - I'm not a native English speaker. Would you mind?

I love the size and weight of the FZ30. Back then, a friend got a 40D, and I was surprised how big it actually was. I was like, never! Now I've got my eye on the Sony A57, which is in a similar leage, size-wise. While I still would love to get something as small as the FZ30, there are several things that make me wanting the A57 (hope I don't get too OT):

  • With studio flashes or a strobist setup, the A33's viewfinder shows the final image as dark as it would be if no flash would fire. Using mode M with exposure time Bulb helps, but that's still a workaround. The A57 has a dedicated setting for that.
  • When using a TTL flash on camera, the A33 takes a break of about 0.3 sec before it starts exposure. Very annoying when I try to capture my kids in action.
  • The A57 is 2/3 or 1 stop better in terms of high iso noise.
  • The A57 has an electronic first curtain. The A33 has to close the curtain before it can start the exposure.

For landscape photography, APS-C means that you have to use a high aperture number to get the desired depth of field. If you are not shooting portraits, a smaller sensor would be better, like a mFT or even a Nikon 1 (the test result of the 10-100 f/4.5-5.6 on slrgear is quite good for a 10x zoom).

When I got the A33, the very first day I put a Minolta 50 f/1.4 on it. And I was like, "yeah, background blur, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!", like crazy. Later, at home, watching the results on a PC, I learned that sometimes the left eye is far, far away from the right eye.

Aaw, there are so many cameras to choose from!
And as soon as you made your decision, there are so much more lenses to choose from.
(But things get better when you look for a flash!)


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