Suggestions for a winter visit to Japan

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Re: Suggestions for a winter visit to Japan

wiwi wrote:

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I just had one more idea ...

How about Meiji Shrine? It's a pretty good place to shoot, plus if you walk around the back there is a fairly big park surrounded by trees and it has the skyscrapers of Nishi-Shinjuku as a backdrop. It looks pretty cool.

The other thing about the shrine, is that is has a lot of Shinto weddings, so there are the big processions through it. The processions have the big umbrellas shading the couple, the bride is often in her white kimono and all the make-up, the groom in a hakama and the priests are in their outfits too.

If you want to do that, do a google search for "tai-an lucky day in Japan" or some similar search words and see if any fall on a day that suits you. "Tai-an" is the lucky day of the month and most people pick it to get married on. It'll be pretty cold in Jan/Feb so doubtful that many weddings will be on. However, shrines and wedding halls offer big discounts at that time of year to keep business rolling in, so you might get lucky if you go ...

That's a fabulous tip, thanks! It looks like there'll be a tai-an day on the monday we're there so perhaps someone might like to get married on a monday?? Either way it looks like a brilliant so I'll definitely make an effort to go and check it out! Thanks again!

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It`s possible, but can`t be guaranteed of course.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the wedding companies offer considerable discounts for mid-summer/winter and weekdays, so hopefully you`ll get lucky.  Actually, I used to be a wedding celebrant in Japan, so I know for a fact mid-week weddings happen.

The other place I was thinking, that has the potential to be really good is the Imperial Palace, a 10 minute walk from Tokyo station.  There are some gates, bridges and moats that are pretty cool.  Plus you can join a tour that goes inside the palace, twice a day.  You can`t really stand still much, as they keep you moving, but a few places they allow you snap some of the old towers to your heart`s content.  Do a search for "Imperial Palace tour, Chiyoda ward" or look for the Imperial Household Agency tour.

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