Is Portrait Professional 32-bit a scam?

Started Nov 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jack A. Zucker Veteran Member • Posts: 3,539
Having the same issue...

DotCom Editor wrote:

Bought 32-bit Portrait Professional Studio today. I open a DNG file that LR4 created from my Canon 5D2. I make no edits to the image, but immediately save it as a 16-bit TIFF with LZW non-lossy compression. Portrait Professional gives me an "Out of Memory Error," fails to save the file, and suggests I upgrade to the 64-bit version.

Two-month-old PC running Win7 Pro all patches applied, 24GB of RAM. No other applications are running (other than antivirus). Task Manager says Portrait Professional uses 93MB when it loads. After I open the DNG, its RAM footprint explodes to 1.147GB. That seems outrageously high.

Even in a 32-bit address space, there's no reason for an out of memory condition to occur. I'm ready to call my credit card company.

In my case I upgraded from the pro version of 10 to version 11 and now, anytime I open a 16 bit file I get the out of memory error. I upgraded to the 64 bit and don't have the issue anymore but never had this problem with 32 bit version 10

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