I had been wasting my time with the 60D

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"Bright" or "Dark"

Hinder wrote:

Le Kilt wrote:

A real single exposure with the 60D (or any camera) would be better, the plane would come out sharper and whiter, as here it is about 50% transparent, you see the moon and blue sky through it somewhat. You could also do better in photoshop if you saved the original two shots. Havind said that, it's good fun!

Hinder wrote:

So, I spent many days and nights trying to get a shot of a plane to fly in front of the moon and got a few but all I had to do is get the 5D3 and set it to double exposure. Not quite the same challenge, too easy, but hey it worked. Just a little experiment.

Is there any way to make one of the combined pictures less transparent in camera? I haven't had much time to experiment with it. Anyone know any tricks?

You can play with the settings, "Bright" or "Dark" will give you some interesting effects, and would work well if the whole plane was brighter or darker than what's behind it. The problem here is that the plane has some very light parts and some very dark parts, so one of those would be replaced by the background.

Best results would be doing it in PP if you've kept the original files, but that's cheating really

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