D600 Oil spots, D800 AF issue, and now this...

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Re: This is getting absurd ...

Well said Grevture.

Manufacturers are selling more and more cameras than ever before. Everybody is a photographer now and even the entry level cameras are pretty amazing, shooting a clean ISO3200, tracking subjects and taking movies.

Cameras are cheaper than ever before too. I mean, a D800 is £2050. Even 3-4 years ago, that was unthinkable when an "ok-ish" high resolution sensor in the D3x was costing £5000. The d800, 5d3 are incredible value, ad the d600 is INSANE value for money. Just think what that would have cost 5 years ago.

With the 5d3 Canon made the camera that they should have made all along, and it has had price drops too. And it looks like a great performer, with a lot of people preferring the handing to the d800.

Companies now support their cameras with firmware upgrades which users can apply themselves.

We have better after sales support than ever too. It can be slow and messed up sometimes, but  as consumers we now have so many rights now. Look at your guys in America buying the camera, shooting a wedding with it and then decided you don't want it any more, then just taking it back.

I really don't think we have that many reasons to complain. Things aren't perfect but they're better than they've ever been.

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