D3x new: price question (Nikon marketing)

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Re: D3x new: price question (Nikon marketing)

m_appeal wrote:

"I shoot both the 800E and the D3x side by side, and at base ISO the D3x IQ can't be beat. "

And how is that possible given that D800/E has better resolution and dynamic range at low ISO?

As others have said, the D3x at low ISO and careful lighting brings some kind of special magic to the image that is not reflected in dx0 and senscore ratings. I think it's the sensor, because the A-900 and A-850, the only other cameras using this rare sensor, to a lesser extent have this quality too. Having said that, I don't think that this would justify spending £5k on a D3x today. The D800 sensor offers more resolution and much better performance at higher ISO, it clearly is superior overall.

"And it is suitable for use in conditions far exceeding what the D800 is built for."

Which are what? What conditions does the D3x do better in than D800... you have to be seriously abusing your camera to find D800's build quality insufficient for 99 percent of shooting situations.

I have personally ruined a D700 once shooting close to a waterfall for a couple of minutes. The mist and some spray covered the D700 with droplets of water, but it was not nearly as wet as it would have been in the rain. I dried it up with a towel afterwards, but about half an hour later it couldn't be turned on anymore and the top lcd was misted on the inside. We've shot the D3, D3s and D3x in heavy rain several times without any problems. The pro bodies are in a class of their own when it comes to environmental sealing, that's a fact.

Btw: the D700 was fixed by Nikon, but the cost was crazy, almost £500.

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