Upgrade from LX3 to LX7, or something else?

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Re: Upgrade from LX3 to LX7, or something else?

Sorry to read of your accident, and delighted to know your LX3 is still operational. I note that currently the LX3, adaptor and 18mm lens is available for about half the price I paid three years ago, so a new one might be an option.

Alternatively, the Samsung site implies that there is an accessory lens and adaptor for the EX2F, which also has an F1.4 lens. However, the EX2F seems to be a rarity in Oz, and I suspect accessories will be even rarer. Furthermore, I have been unable to find detailed information to confirm the actual existence of the accessory lens, and whether it is an actual Samsung item or just marketing vapourware.

There is certainly no DSLR lens as wide as 18mm with an aperture as fast as F2.0, and if there was, it is likely to be bigger, heavier, and a LOT more expensive. As you point out, the LX3+18 mm  is a very handy kit.

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