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Re: MCR - UK

Canaryfan wrote:

Hi Mark,

Why are there never any people in your shots? These look as if they were taken at a time when there should have been a few about! Are you just patient & wait for the right time or do you threaten them with a fate worse than death if they dare get in your shot?

Talking of the right time, you've really got it spot on here. Lovely colours together with excellent composition, showing the modern architecture to great advantage.

Great set of captures.

Thank you

I try not to include people in my photos.

I think of myself as an architecture shooter, not a street shooter.

Having a person in the shot, would be distracting.

At the time of taking these shots, there wasn't many people around, but I usually wait for them to move, or if they don't move, I clone them out.

Then a few days later, they disappear from existence in real life, so don't ever walk into the frame when I'm shooting 

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