D600 Oil spots, D800 AF issue, and now this...

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Re: D600 Oil spots, D800 AF issue, and now this...

Judy Stone wrote:

I just hope that this will not be the fate of Nikon, Canon too.

The era of Japanese consumer electronics giants is dead

No company can dominate the market forever. It's almost a law of nature that companies rise and fall.

But I agree that what Nikon has given to the customers in 2012 is slightly disappointing with regard to product quality. Glitches like you mentioned can happen from time to time but Nikon better puts flawless products on the market in the future.

Nikon will definitely be put in a difficult position if they fail to set up a successful mirrorless product line. Mirrorless is the definite future. It's just a matter of time. I have my doubts on the "1" series.

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