Split Screen, ...Why aren't alternative VF screens available in modern DSLRs?

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Re: Autofocus killed them

Dan Desjardins wrote:

For a product, or accessory to continue to be available there has to be a large enough market for it. When all your focusing was done manually then it made sense to have options. Some focusing techniques worked best in certain circumstances, while other techniques worked in others. Today everything is autofocus. Its faster and allows the photographer to spend more time composing rather than focusing then composing. Macro photography really still demands manual work, but that doesn't present enough of a market to keep a manufacturing facility in business.

Sorry - but it would appear such an option is just another buggy-whip.


Production wouldn't be a problem... Nikon now makes more than 1.000.000 FF DSLRs a year... all with .78x viewfinder magnification.

The question is if you want an extra one..., not if you think that they will make them... my guess is that there is a good percentage of consumers that would require at least one extra screen, in case that the user needs back its original one for a specific task... he can surely (easily) put it back since it's user interchangeable.... They have the provision on the cameras and they make more than 5x FF DSLRs from 2 years ago...


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