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You know....

Lin Evans wrote:

" I'm not going to pixel peep the image, nor answer any silly pixel peeping questions or entertain any "this is wrong, why didn't you, means nothing, how can you, it's oversharpened, it's too soft, the colors don't look right to me" comments. It's just what it is. An accurate, detailed and quite satisfactory representation which is all I ask from my equipment."

I actually understand here where you are coming from. I really do. I only would wish that you don't apply double standards and have given me the same courtesy in the past when you threw in your "credentials" on how you know that other technologies are not capable of matching something similar at least in some situations as I had posted in the past and proceeded to decompose by the very pixel peeping you preemptively criticize now (DP2/ Olympus, back then).

That said, I am glad you are happy with the results you are getting. I have no doubt the DP2M in full spectrum light at low ISO is great, though to be frank, I am not seeing anything special about the shot you are showing (tech wise or or otherwise) and I can totally see many cameras getting a reasonable representation of the subject in question.

- Raist

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