Quick question about close-up lenses...on FZ200

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Re: Quick question about close-up lenses...on FZ200

mtgirl wrote:

leerob wrote:

I like MCON-35, but I think I wasted a lot of money for Canon 500D.

I'm no expert, so went to look this up. Amazon says it's $163????? Please, someone help me, why is that thing so much when you can just slap a converter on an existing lens??? Granted that maybe there could be a hair more sharpness than my pack of four for under $10, but THAT much improvement????

Leerob, I'd be returning the thing even if there is a restock fee. Can't imagine what could justify spending that kind of money.... I guess I'm just a hack. The MCON-35 is half the price , for sure, but I can't imagine what kind of photography would require this, surely it would have to be professional, paid, photos, but then this is not the camera I would buy for that.

Looking for enlightenment here, because clearly there is something I am not getting.

mtgirl, you were looking at the 77mm version. You only pay a third or so for the 52mm version.

And an achromatic lens like the Canon 500D is far better than any cheap close up lens set for 10 bucks. But that's the same with teleconverters or wide angle lenses.

Another good choice would be the MCON-40 instead of MCON-35, with 55mm thread (not 62), a little smaller and lighter, and with a little more focal range, when the MCON-35 may be too short.

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