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Lovestoclick wrote:

Hello to all! I was wondering if there was any way to fix the exposure on a photograph that came out black... Shooting D300 with 18-200vr 3.5-5.6 lens in daylight

I set camera to S Priority but used a slower lens (5.6)...I was able to see the subject in the shot but still very very dark...

These were great shots of hummingbirds in flight and I am trying to save them..

Any magic out there in PS CS5 that will help with actually getting the photo to look halfway decent?

Thanks for your assistance


Hello Michelle,

If you are using RAW then you probably have a little more chance of recovering something, but it will all depend on how much data the image has captured.

If you are using jpeg, the place to start in Photoshop is with the 'Exposure' adjustment under the Image/Adjustments menu. When you open the panel, only move the top slider at this stage, to the right, and in small increments.

If you are managing to recover some information, then it may be worth trying the Shadows/Highlights tool which you will find under the same 'Image/Adjustments menu. Be careful with this tool or you will get these horrible halos around objects that you often see if someone hasn't processed an HDR image correctly! (apologies, the 'halos' comment is very subjective, but they drive me crazy )

There are other methods to try, but these two are going to be the most straightforward to try to give you an idea if you will get some information back.

Good luck,


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