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Re: FAL Expirement - Aha

jakesan wrote:

jakesan wrote:

I suggested comparing shots taken from a tripod as a way to determine if and why there might be a loss of detail/sharpness when using FAL. The idea being that on a tripod the camera movement and IS effects are minimized and you are left only with camera processing as a cause.

I've gone ahead and run this test and here's what I found:

Using FAL does not degrade the image. I can get the same detail and sharpness with and without.

However... I get more keeper handheld shots when not using FAL.

What I think is happening is that when not using FAL the image on the viewfinder is jumping all over the place so I try to carefully steady the camera before taking the shot. When using FAL I cannot tell when the camera is steady or not because the viewfinder has the super-stabilized image in it. I am fooled into thinking that I don't have to be as carefull to steady the camera.

The solution is to shoot the same careful way whether using FAL or not.

You got the point.  So it'a not degrading the IQ but how about any improvement?

I did try few times in the show room and find difficulty looking for the lock button after using the seek button.  Either I've to search around the barrel with my fingers or move away from the EVF  to look for it.  Both make the camera unsteady!

For me, it would be more comfortable if the lock button could be placed to a higher level.  Or I'm using a wrong finger (thumb) that causing the problem?

Could some one comment or share your experiences on using the FAL?

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